Monday, August 11, 2008

Kira update & first mani/pedi

Kira had her 2 yr check up recently and is currently 35 inches tall and almost 28 lbs. She is talking up a storm, developing the 2 yr old attitude and that sense of adventure that is just...scary.

Daddy gave Kira her first mani/pedi this weekend - blue nail polish to match her eyes.

Be sure to keep scrolling down for other fun things we did in July and so far this month!

Trop's 40th Birthday!

On Friday, 8/8 we joined the Tropea family (Jeff's cousins)
to celebrate Michael's 40th birthday. It was amazing :)

Michael and Jansyn

Mark, Susan, Aunt MJ,Jeff, Uncle Bill & Aunt Karen

Aunt Karen, Vicky, Uncle Bill & Jeff

Aunt MJ, Michael and Janet

Singing Happy Birthday to Michael

Cousin Bill & Jeff

Kira and friends - pt. 2

Jumping on the trampoline with Mark and his friend


Kira, Patrice and Daniel - ready for a walk!

Kira and friends

Kira and Miss Emma - tired out from collecting rocks...
Kira and Laura - Hooray!

Matching Crocs

Playing after the rain

Amazing double rainbow

wedding bells

Congrats to Mommy and Nick on their engagement! We are so excited for you both and are excited to have Nick as part of our family :)