Monday, January 28, 2008

Bad Hair Day?

Kira suffering the effects of a very dry winter (and a mean daddy who rubs her head with a fleece blankie).

::Sigh:: Daddyyyyyyyy

That's it - I'm outta here!
Tickle Tickle Daddy! or What grey hair you have daddy (oops mama wasn't supposed to type that!) Make sure you check out the video down below...
Check out these pearly whites!! (yep, still only 4)

Some Recent Videos

Kira and mama having fun...she made me giggle :)

Kira and daddy playing Kira's favorite game - "tickle tickle".

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mom's away the Kid's will play.. Yippy!!!!!!

Well Vicky is in Atlanta Georgia on business. So Kira and daddy decided to pitch a tent in the living room and camp out. Pizza,chips,and beer Oh My! . We were having tons of fun! Eventually Kira got just about every toy that she has in the tent with her. If the door was bigger she would have put her four wheeler in there also. Very funny to watch, I wish the batteries in the camera lasted longer. We still miss mommy though!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

18 month stats

Kira had her 18 month appointment tonight. I missed it but apparently she drove Jeff nuts at the Dr's office. Luckily, he survived :) She currently weighs 25lbs, 3oz and is 32 inches long. She received 1 shot and did very well. She refused pictures tonight due to the bruise on her forehead (She fought the couch - the couch won) but hopefully we will have some new ones soon!

Daniel, Mike & Patrice will be coming home from OH soon - we can't wait to see them and hear all about their trip - we have missed you guys!

Love to all!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy Belated 2008!

Our first post of 2008, so we wish a Happy and Healthy year to everyone!

Kira is currently in her 18th month and will have her 18mo dr's visit tomorrow evening. She is doing all of the normal things toddlers do, including driving mommy and daddy nuts with her distaste for the word "No". The tantrums (which we've been told only get better!) are so much fun *g*.

Here is a picture of how Kira celebrated her New Year:

sleeping like the angel we all know she is.

Eating at her table like the big girl she is becoming (a little too fast for us!):


and with a cute hairdo courtesy of Mrs. Janice:


The weekend between Christmas and New Years, Kira and Vicky went to visit Tata in Toms River. Tata was having a holiday party for her boyfriend's family. Kira got to play with another Kira (same spelling, 2 months apart). It was so much fun to see Kira interact with another girl her age (her daycare is all boys) and to see how much patience Kira had (she let the other Kira take food away from her, her sippy cup and "pat" her forehead without a peep). For now, we will consider this a good thing :)



That's all for now - we will update with 18 month stats and hopefully have some new pictures too!